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The Process


The process I use to make my classically designed benches involves a high degree of skill: 

cutting, joining and shaping the steel into scrolls, using a traditional blacksmith’s forge and anvil.  The forge work is hot and noisy: there are sparks flying and the metal is red hot.  It takes many hours of hard, meticulous work to create the various components needed to produce my hand crafted quality products.  Once the metal pieces have cooled down, I assemble them to create different pieces of outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs, and benches.


Finally I buff and clean the metalwork with abrasives, to give a smooth clean surface, a base for the high quality finish  I require.  My product is now ready for the next stage of its production, called “colourgalv”. 


The colourgalv process is essential to the maintenance and longevity of my products, specifically designed for outdoor use.  In general terms, this is a duplex coating that combines the corrosion protection benefits of hot dip galvanizing with the aesthetic beauty and colour of powder coating tailored to my customers choice of colours. You can read about this process fully by viewing this link: 


Should you wish to choose a piece of my furniture for an interior setting then a beeswax finish is a very attractive alternative, giving a beautiful, natural look and feel to the metal.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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